Could a toi­let become your new doctor?

future toilet Dr. Toilet

Japan has long been a leader in toi­let tech­nol­ogy with their auto­matic toosh-cleaning jets and accom­pa­ny­ing dry­ing sys­tems, but now, a new tech­nol­ogy brings the toi­let closer to sci­ence fic­tion for the rest of us.

Intro­duc­ing a toi­let that mon­i­tors your health when you do your morn­ing business.

The Toi­let­Sense analy­ses a sam­ple of your urine every time you pee to tell you if you’re drink­ing enough water, get­ting enough vit­a­mins or drink­ing too much alco­hol. Analy­sis of your ‘num­ber 2′ pro­vides even more infor­ma­tion, includ­ing if you are get­ting enough nutri­ents in your food and detect­ing early warn­ing signs of illness.

The bril­liant part about the design of the Toi­let­Sense is that all of this analysing and data test­ing goes on in the back­ground. It looks and works just like any other ‘low tech’ toi­let and doesn’t feel at all clin­i­cal or technical.

Your com­puted health infor­ma­tion is trans­mit­ted wire­lessly to your mobile device or a sep­a­rate small screen which you can keep in the bath­room, or place in the kitchen, where it will give you friendly reminders of what you should be eat­ing and drink­ing for opti­mum health.

Dr. Wills says that instal­la­tion of the devices could have broader reach­ing health ben­e­fits for users:

On top of every­thing else, it pro­vides an impor­tant reminder to peo­ple that ‘you are what you eat’. When peo­ple realise that their health lev­els are largely depen­dent on what they put into their body, it encour­ages them to make smarter choices about what they eat and drink…”


Photo credit: ‘Pix­elPlacebo’