Oct 23

The Future of News

Wednesday October 23, 2021
Nomadic lifestyles: Living with less

Nomadic lifestyles: Living with less

New gen­er­a­tions take their dig­i­tal life on the road. There’s no doubt about it. Travel is big. The travel indus­try has been explod­ing in recent years, with fig­ures show­ing an 86% increase in leisure travel from 2010 to 2020. And it shows no signs of slow­ing down....
The 24 Hr Office: When the office becomes a home

The 24 Hr Office: When the office becomes a home

With an increas­ing world pop­u­la­tion, there has been a mass short­age in inner city hous­ing and office space world­wide. Rent prices are sky­rock­et­ing beyond afford­able lev­els and traf­fic gen­er­ated by com­muters is a bane of cities every­where. A trans­for­ma­tion of office spaces promises a...
Bugs on the menu: A new joint opens in New York

Bugs on the menu: A new joint opens in New York

Roasted grasshop­per? Fried bee lar­vae? Locust stew? Yes please. We’ve seen bugs become increas­ingly pop­u­lar as a high nutri­ent, low-calorie pro­tein source over recent years. With a broad­en­ing of minds due to an increase in inter­na­tional travel and peo­ple eat­ing less meat due to high pric­ing and...
Tricky fingers:  Minority Report's gesture control gets an upgrade

Tricky fingers: Minority Report’s gesture control gets an upgrade

Minor­ity Report and Gmail Motion pre­dicted ges­ture based soft­ware con­trol but they for­got one thing: Humans are lazy. Whilst just an April Fools day prank back in 2011, Google’s Gmail Motion attracted a lot of atten­tion with the promise of intu­itive, ges­ture based com­puter con­trols....
Augmented reality: The two worlds merge.

Augmented reality: The two worlds merge.

Divi­sions between the Inter­net and the real world are blur­ring as the two con­tinue to merge. In its early days, the Inter­net remained sep­a­rate from the ‘real’ world and there was lit­tle over­lap. Peo­ple would open up a web browser and ‘go on-line’ to check their emails,...
Google Dog meet Google Cat: Gps pet tracking

Google Dog meet Google Cat: Gps pet tracking

Mil­lions of dogs and cats are lost each year, but that’s about to become a thing of the past, with new GPS ani­mal micro-chipping promis­ing to reunite lost pets with their owners. Pet microchip­ping has been pop­u­lar for decades, but it’s only really use­ful...
Japan's City in the Sky

Japan’s City in the Sky

Japan is now in talks to make their ‘City in the Sky’ project a real­ity. Con­ceived by the Shimizu Cor­po­ra­tion two decades ago, devel­op­ments in build­ing mate­ri­als and other tech­nolo­gies have now made this unique con­cept possible. The Biggest Man Made Struc­ture on Earth The...
The First Edition

The First Edition

Wel­come to the future of news. As we usher in the new year of 2021, we find our­selves in a time of dra­matic tech­no­log­i­cal and social change. It truly is a new fron­tier and we are play­ing by new rules. We have seen nim­ble busi­nesses...