CarSafe Dual Camera App Alerts The Driver (+VIDEO)

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If your car is not equipped with a modern safety alert technology, you must think of having a CarSafe, the first dual-camera app for smartphones, which is planned to be released for a free download later in 2012. It was designed in cooperation with the University of Bologna and Microsoft Research Asia for Android phones to pick up dangerous driving behavior patterns. Signals from the driver, such as head pose, eyes and blinking rate are in focus of the front camera: it uses blink detection algorithms to detect periods of micro-sleep, fatigue and drowsiness. In case it notes a dangerous situation, it will alert the driver by displaying a coffee cup icon on the touchscreen accompanied by an audible alert. The back camera pipeline observes external signs of risky behavior; a red sign will flash on the screen, accompanied by an audible alert. Combining the power of other sensors such as the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, the app is designed to alarm the driver about potential risks, in and out of the car.

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